One Night

Larry, an A&R executive, has been sublimating his deep fear of commitment by carrying on an affair with his young assistant.

One Night

One Night

Emily, unbeknownst to his stunning model girlfriend, Mia.

Abby, a sensitive college student, worships her older boyfriend Marc, while thinking her friend Clarice is only a child.

Michelle is looking forward to meeting Jack, with whom she’s flirted online but has never met in person.

Wendy is sure she needs a change in her life, but she’s not sure what it should be.

And Greg, a charming but nervous actor, finally gets to go out with Angelina, the object of a long-standing crush.

One Night

One Night

As the night unfolds, the characters all convene at the same music venue, and their lives intersect in ways both humorous and poignant. We can see that they’re driven by an unconscious desire for human connection, and their intersection with strangers reveal to them what they’ve been missing, allowing them to see others—and themselves—in a truer light. By the morning, their lives have changed—some subtly, some dramatically, but all irreversibly.

Director: Michael Knowles
Cast: Jordan Bayne, Laurence Blum, Kevin Cahoon, Christian Campbell, Robert Clohessy
Language: English
Awards: Solstice Film Festival
Country: USA
Year: 2007

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