Country: Australia

Year: 2001

Director: Ray Lawrence

Cast: Anthony LaPaglia, Geoffrey Rush, Rachael Blake, Manu Bennett, Melissa Martinez, Owen McKenna, Nicholas Cooper, Marc Dwyer, Barbara Hershey

Language: English

Awards: National Board of Review, Cognac Festival du Film Policier, ARIA Music Awards, Australian Cinematographers Society, Australian Film Institute, Australian Screen Sound Guild, Australian Writers’ Guild, British Independent Film Awards, Chlotrudis Awards, Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards,Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival, IF Awards, London Critics Circle Film Awards, Melbourne International Film Festival,USA

Nominations: Australian Film Institute,Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards,IF Awards,Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists,London Critics Circle Film Awards,San Sebastián International Film Festival,Chlotrudis Awards

Lantana movie review on Drama movies.

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    seems an interesting movie

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