Bruce Le’s Greatest Revenge

Bruce Le’s Greatest Revenge is one of the better offerings from the barrage of homage’s (or efforts to capitalise on Lee’s death, depending on how you look at it).

Bruce Le's Greatest Revenge

Bruce Le's Greatest Revenge

Bruce Le’s Greatest Revenge was made in Hong Kong in 1978, and follows the story of Bruce Le played by Huang Kin-Lung (not to be confused with the rather better known star, Bruce Lee), who is a student at a martial arts school in China, which is occupied by Japan. However, the teacher refuses to teach his students how to fight in case they become revolutionaries. But Le, of course, does fight, and the finale of the film consists of a lengthy and impressive fight scene to rival the real Bruce Lee’s.

The portrayal of the Japanese is somewhat problematic; the characters are presented as monstrous and evil, whilst no reason is given for this other than their race. However, the overall tone of the film is one that is fun, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. This comedic tone makes up for some messy editing and dubbing which in a more serious film would inexcusably come across as laziness.

Sometimes within the first hour the plot starts to drag, but the final fight scene is an excellent pay off: a beautifully choreographed, non-stop kung fu fighting thrill ride, following Bruce Le in his fight against the world.

Director: Tso Nam Lee
Cast: Bruce Le,Feng Ku,Bolo Yeung
Language: English
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 1978

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